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About Republic Elite

Welcome to the Republic Elite
We're the remnants of the most powerful soldiers of the Republic from the Great Galactic War!
The Republic is facing troubles against the Empire since the Treaty and it's now time to fight back for freedom!

This guild is ruled mainly by troopers forming up a chain of command similar to real-life situations. The community is made by troopers and smugglers only.

Officers encourage players on interacting each other by roleplaying and on participating daily events.

Please make sure on respecting our guild terms before registering to this forums. Thank you :)

End Game PVE Operations

As Republic Elite gathers strength, more and more of the game will begin to unfold and become available to us. Guild Operations are being formed, and Progression team availabilty is in short supply.

Mail Daguss in game or on the site for consideration in entering the Progression team, or creating a new one in guild or with other players!

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